Chlorine Free – 500g Chemical Start up Kit


Chlorine Free – 500g Chemical Start up Kit


$180.00 $130.00 inc GST

500ml Spa Sanitiser
500ml Spa Clarifier
500g Spa Boost
500g Spa Chlorine Remover
500g Alkalinity Enhancer
500g pH Reducer
500g Calcium Enhancer
500ml Instant Filter Klenz
500ml Pipe Klenz
Test Strips
Spa Pad
Small Measuring Cup
User Guide

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Convert your spa from chlorine to an easy to use chlorine free spa.  Not image shows chemical test kit which is now replaced with test strips.

It’s compatible with any type of spa equipment this kit contains everything you need to get convert your Spa from Chlorine to Chlorine Free system at a one start off price.